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The Life of a Makeup Artist started off as a Youtube series. In the early stages of my career in Trinidad I found that there so much information I was looking for that I could not find. 
When I got my feet wet - I set out to share everything that I'd been learning along the way. 

The Youtube Series still lives on but I've decided to expand the series to a podcast. 

From the latest beauty product to the people behind the brands you know and love - The Life of a Makeup Artist is sharing the world of beauty from a makeup artists' perspective. 

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Jaleesa Jaikaran is obsessed with the transformative powers of makeup. At a young age she found 
herself obsessed with photography, makeup and music. She later found out that makeup was her passion

Growing up in Trinidad initiated her vibrant personality while her technical training under industry legends engraved her expertise. Jaleesa’s inspiration comes from her exposure to diverse cultures and the desire to uplift the self-esteem of others.

She's been living and working in New York City for the last 5 years. She works in fashion, beauty, advertising and  
also has established herself as a pro beauty influencer.


jaleesa jaikaran

Born and raised in the beautiful twin Island Republic of Trinidad And Tobago. Aquila fell in love with make up through performance. While being a dancer for 13 years and being exposed to the different forms of artistry, it intrigued him to start dabbling in makeup 2 years later. He started using his mom’s makeup to practice and eventually began to doing stage makeup for the girls in his dance company then later building his own clientele outside of performing. 

After moving to the US with no guidance or mentoring, he began perfecting his craft. With his life basically up in the air - he started doing hair and makeup as a side gig for extra money. He never imagined it was a viable career option.

He then stumbled across Jaleesa Jaikaran's on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her work, personality and her story. Seeing what she accomplished being from Trinidad and Moving to the U.S and becoming an established Makeup Artist, Influencer and Entrepreneur sparked something in him, turning what he thought was only a hobby into a passion and a career !



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It doesn’t really matter what you spend your time thinking about, only how you think about it. Elevating your mind means thinking big, thinking about how things fit together. It means viewing things from above it all. Taking that information and using it to change your life forever. 



Our mission is to help educate our listeners not just on the best beauty tips, tricks and product but also to on how to build successful business, live a balanced life and take care of our bodies and mind. 



Besides the daily inspiration on our Instagram page from artists all over the world - we want to always inspire artists at all parts of their journey.



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